February 25, 2021

Meet Copyquette: tasteful copy, Arabic coffee & the power of good content

We serve fine-tuned marketing copy that highlights your brand messaging and keeps your audience engaged, in both English and Arabic.

Meet Copyquette:
tasteful copy, Arabic coffee & the power of good content

With serious affection for refined copywriting and deep appreciation for Arabic coffee-serving rituals, Copyquette was born to redefine the art of writing marketing content. We serve fine-tuned marketing copy that highlights your brand messaging and keeps your audience engaged, in both English and Arabic.

Let’s get acquainted

Copyquette is your destination for fine, easy-to-digest copywriting. We focus on writing/editing with simplicity and straightforwardness, to create written marketing content with purpose and personality. There’s nothing that makes us grind our teeth in irritation more than jargon-filled, synonym-clad, lukewarm copy. With that in mind, empathy towards the reader, their time, and their emotional response to a piece of content, is the foundation of the way we craft copy.

While our process is certainly rooted in grammar and spell checking, we place the same, if not more, importance on creating an enjoyable and worthwhile reading experience that flows smoothly. In order to do so, we tap into practices that make for effective marketing copy that doesn’t impose (more on this soon).

What we do

We write, edit and translate your marketing copy without compromising your brand personality and messaging - think of us as your personal marketing copy-shop. Whether it’s your website copy, your next email outreach campaign copy, or your social media copy, we’ve got you covered.

We offer writing and editing services for the following:

  • Website Copy
  • Blog Posts
  • E-books / Guides
  • Social Media Copy
  • Press Release
  • Internal Documentation Copy
  • Email Outreach Copy
  • Brand Messaging Copy
  • Newsletters

Our services are three-tiered, meaning we offer three different levels of service that cater to your ranging needs: The One & Done, The 50/50, and The Full Brew. We wanted to build out our services into levels in order to create a tailor-made experience for each client and their goals. For a more detailed breakdown of each tier, check out our specifics here.

As part of our mission to make Arabic content more accessible, for readers and creators, we offer curated translation services. We aim to make Arabic-speaking businesses and audiences feel more seen and heard by offering translation services, but also by creating Arabic content ourselves wherever we can.

How we do it

We’re strong believers in etiquette; not the “elbows off the table” and the “act like a lady” kind, but the kind that praises hospitality and graciousness. Our etiquette, or our process of delivering top quality marketing copy, is inspired by the rituals of serving Arabic coffee.

While working with you, we view ourselves as your host - our aim is to serve copy made to your taste. Our revision and refinement process is designed to make sure your time with us leaves you shaking your cup in satisfaction.

Copyquette’s way of doing things places huge importance on being present during our conversations with you and ensuring we foster a seamless end-to-end customer experience. We take the time to get to know you, your brand and your copywriting goals, so that we can deliver an end result that does not compromise your core brand narrative.

Our why

Just like good coffee, good copy is a non-negotiable in our book. Creating refined, enjoyable and useful written content is a form of common courtesy to the reader. Not only are you doing your brand a disservice by employing mediocre copywriting, but you’re essentially telling your reader that you couldn’t care less about their experience consuming your content.

We do what we do in order to help brands and businesses communicate with their audiences effectively and build trust by putting out good content. The power of good content is unparalleled; it cultivates brand awareness organically and makes space for brand loyalty. Good content starts with great copy, so our mission is to provide top-of-the-line writing and editing services that elevate your content and, in turn, your brand as a whole.

Additionally, we aim to fill a gap in the market where SWANA-based, or Arabic-facing, businesses find a lack of English⇆Arabic copywriting services that aren’t too on the nose, but also aren't a direct derivative of Google Translate.

What’s to come

Our blog will offer a brew of insightful pieces, covering things like copywriting hacks (obviously), marketing, productivity, workplace wellness, and more. With an aim to curate valuable content that doesn’t try too hard, we’ll dive deep into topics and provide useful information in enjoyable reads. From time to time, we’ll give you a behind the business look into our own internal processes as well as our experiences with clients.

On a more candid note, our Coffee Break Conversations series will add a human element to our blog content. Coffee Break Conversations will feature written exchanges with awesome people - our focus here is to showcase intimate storytelling, mental wellbeing, and personal experiences.

The Copyquette Blog will publish some pieces in English, some in Arabic, and some in both.

Need your marketing content written or refined? Get in touch at farah@copyquette.com or drop us a line here.